Buffy & Xander

Buffy & Xander

He's one of her best friends, and in love with her. She's the slayer and in love with someone else.

Him on Her

Since the moment he first saw her, he was smitten. His first words to her were: "Can I have you?". From then on, he lusted after her, and even loved her. He fights to protect her at all costs and despite all rejections, remains steadfast. And, even though he has had many relationships with different women, this is the crush that has remained in tact for two years.

Her on Him

He's her best friend. She wouldn't imagine (or would she?) being with him the way that he wants her. Who knows what she's thinking, but there is definate chemistry. From their dance in "When She Was Bad" to their longing glance in "Amends" (outside the bar), their has been hints of greater feelings. In the near future, Buffy may begin to think differently...

Them Together?

Impossible, you say? Well, if my Joss sources are right (and I think they are), Buffy and Xander WILL be getting together... soon. It all starts with Xander and Faith. (that's all I'm gonna say until the episode airs) Aside from whether they will or not, there has always been a debate. From RABID to B/X Forever, there are different sides of this. Then, there are those more like to me; who appreciate that Buffy and Angel have eternal love, but hey, they can't be together. Besides, it's not like we can argue with Joss. As long as they don't get married or anything! Well even after they get together, there will be a debate. That's all until the soap opera unfolds more... (kidding!...or was I?)