By Duchess of Buffonia

This is just a little scene I wrote. I have a great deal of scenes without stories. The majority of things I post will be scenes. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters… you know the drill. They were created by god-man Joss. We worship him for everything he is… yada, yada, yada. Can anyone else tell that I'm tired?

This is kind of a follow up to the major arguements that Buffy and Xander have been having. I tried to include different perspectives after hearing all sides of the Xander/Buffy debate. I hope this works for everybody. Email me with your thoughts.

The tension between Buffy and Xander had intensified. Being the great friend Willow was, she decided to do something about it.

Buffy peered into the room to find Xander there. <Oh!> , she thought. <He's here. The last person I want to see.> "Xander," she said.

"Buffy," Xander said. Buffy walked in and took a seat next to Xander on the couch.

"Did you get a note?" he asked.

"Yea, you?"

"Yea. Willow?" he asked, almost as a rhetorical question.

"Must be. I don't know anyone who cares this much about us."

They sat in silence. He twiddled his thumbs while she stared into space.

"I don't want to be here," he announced.

"Neither do I," she answered.

"Fine," he said in a bratty six year old kind of way.

"Fine," she said and peered at her nails. At that moment, the door locked and as they looked up; they saw Willow's eyes peering through the window. Xander jumped up and tried to open the door. "What is she thinking?" Buffy got up as well and said, "Obviously she wasn't." He swung around and proclaimed, "Things between us are fine! I chose not to speak to you, and you chose to disagree with me." Buffy was quick to disagree, "Excuse me? You disagree with me!"

"Wrong, Summers!" She was insulted greatly by this. "Summers? Your reprimanding me with my last name? Where the hell do you get off?" He looked at her smugly and said, "Wouldn't you like you know..."

"Whoa, ego much?" Xander continued, "I'm only stating the what you fail to recognize." Buffy replied, "Uh, no. Wait, we're off subject. This isn't about how sexy you're not. This is about you arguing with me every chance you get." He defended himself. "I have every right to be angry."

"And I have every right to kill you!" He resented that statement and became increasingly angry. He began to rattle off a lot of things he knew would hurt her, but he couldn't help it. "If you hadn't whored yourself, we wouldn't be here!" She took a step towards him, "Jealous?" He got a quick look of admittance. Buffy saw this and in her fit of rage, continued on. "You're jealous! You can't have me, so you treat me like shit!" This infuriated him. "I treat you like you deserve." Outraged, Buffy's eyes flamed and she shot at him, "Deserve? You deserve to be smacked! But, you don't see me indulging." As it was that neither one was really considering anything they were saying, Xander went a step further. "Ooh! Buffy, big words! Does your head hurt?"

"Me?" she exclaimed, "Your the mentally challenged one! You can't even tell the difference between a woman and a praying mantis!" The glaring continued, so did he. "At least I didn't hop into bed with a vampire!"

"At least I've hopped into bed with someone!" she exclaimed.

"Her name is Faith!" he blurted out. She was slightly shocked. "And you insult me for hopping into bed! At least I was in love with the person!" He couldn't resist, "Who happened to be a psychotic." She had to say something, "And she happened to be a ho. I guess we're even."

"Why is she a ho? At least I can constitute evidence of my claim!" Buffy answered, "Well, she had sex with you, among many. I think that counts as a reason." He scowled. "You are such a bitch." She took another step forward. "And you're an inconsiderate bastard."

<I cannot believer her!> he thought. <How could she say those things? I can't stand how much she hurts me.> He stared at her, not knowing what to say. She said something through the silence. "Speechless, Xander? That's new." He turned away from her and sat down. He needed a moment. <I have been way harsh sometimes. All I want to do is put things back the way they were. But, every time I try to say something, it gets like this. I just want her to know I love her.> He glanced up. She was pacing in the corner, giving him evil looks.

Buffy paced. <He's always insulting me! Every time! Does he ever stop to consider that I might have feelings? I cry too much to have him add to it. God! Am I going to cry now? I can't! I can't give him that satisfaction. Why does he do this to me? Whatever happened to the old days? He worshipped the ground I walked on and never hurt me like this. But I hurt him. I did, didn't I? How do I say I'm sorry? Things are so different now. Look at him. I feel so bad!> She stopped pacing and walked over to him. She sat down next to him. She spoke. "We need to talk... in a civilized way. No screaming, etcetera." He looked away, trying to hide slightly red-rimmed eyes. "Yea. We do." She looked at him in a caring way. "I'm sorry." He finally peered at her. "I am too."

"Oh, Xander," she put her arms around him, "how did we ever let it get this way?" He nuzzled his head in her neck and said, "I don't know. I really don't know."