About the Duchess

So, you wanna know about me? Well, if you can't already tell, I have a thing for Buffy the Vampire Slayer; obsessed really. The contents of me fall into different catagories. So, here goes:

Buffy Wise

Buffy is my favorite show. I watch and record it every Tuesday. My favorite character is Xander. I also love Willow, Buffy, Cordy, etc; so it's easier to only have one favorite. My favorite episodes are: The Witch, The Pack, I Only Have Eyes For You, Go Fish (for the Xander plot and many steam room scenes, hey, even I get to be superficial!), The Wish, The Zeppo. I started this website because I know alot about the show and I didn't have much else to do. I use the name Duchess of Buffonia in reference to the Xander quote from Halloween.


Right now, I'm into angsty women. I can't seem to stray away from them! My all time favorite is Fiona Apple. I think she is the most amazing musician, her piano parts are phenominal. Others I love are: Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Madonna, Mariah Carey. Okay, so they're not all so angsty! My favorite bands are Radiohead and Third Eye Blind. I'm not really big on bands, but every once and a while I find a favorite. I leaving out a lot of my music interests, but I can't think of them all. Basically, I love everything on MTV plus a bunch of other stuff!


All right, the dirt! I'm not gonna go into age, but I'm not ten or anything. I'm a teenager, I go to high school. I'm 5'9, green eyes, strawberry blond hair, stuff like that... I'm not a big sports person, but it's not like I don't try. I just don't have the skills! Most of my life is spent on the internet, watching tv, or reading. Oh, yea. Music. Lots of music. I sing. Every Sunday I attend a chorus because I wouldn't touch the school one with a ten foot pole. The television I watch other than Buffy is: Ally McBeal, Law & Order, ER, Simpsons, and X-Files. My favorite book is Rebecca by Daphene Du Marier. Right now, I have to read the Andromeda Strain for English... Someone help me on that one! My favorite subject is Biology. And, I have an amazing talent of being able to make my life seem as boring as possible! When I can spice it up, I'll edit.

That's about it for now. There's alot more, but I can't think right now. Oh, yea! I lived in Washington D.C. for eleven years, then I moved to Atlanta, Ga. Just like Alyson Hannigan! (minus the exact years)

Wanna know all the ratings I've given every movie I've seen in the past two years? Check it out here!

Coming Soon:

All the CD's I have and what songs I like/what I think of them.