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From Mary98 Will Xander and Willow ever get together? 

You just keep watching, because I can't talk about that.  

From willowxnb: Nicholas, do you know how hot you are?  

Well, about 98.7, I think, but I'm running a bit of a fever right now, so I'm 99.  

From HoneyNut3: Do you really have a twin brother, and does he look exactly like 
you? Is there really a picture of both of you on the net? 

Yes. Yes. No.  

From missbuffysummers: Is there really a Buffy soundtrack coming out? 

That's actually out of my department. They don't keep me abreast of subjects 
like that.  

From ben: Do you really like Charisma Carpenter? 

I like her. But do I like like her? I don't think my girlfriend would be very 
happy. But we pass notes at work, since we're in high school and all.  

From zak_z: If you could write a storyline for 

Xander, what would it be? 

I would probably be the dictator of Cuba and smoke cigars, because that's 
power, baby. Xander needs more power.  

From Cat: Is there any chance your brother Kelly might appear on Buffy? 
It would be a great opportunity to get into an evil-twin premise! Does he act? 
I'm a triplet, and I'd probably break out in giggles trying to do anything 
serious with my brother and sister. 

I've just broken out in giggles reading that whole thing. We've talked about it, 
but there's nothing set in stone.  

From vision_skater: Nick, have you and your twin ever pulled the ol' switcheroo? 

No, we actually have compassion for people.  

From missbuffysummers: Do you have any pets? 

Yes. I have a dog named Zoey that I rescued from Hollywood High, where kids 
were feeding him gum.  

From Cathy: How do you like being compared to 

Matthew Perry of Friends?  

I don't know. I just do what I do. I like to give people big guffaws.  

From claire_s: What would you change about Xander? 

I would probably give him more chest hair.  

From Erin: Do you have a younger brother, about age 12, who looks like you? 

I have two younger brothers, 15 and 13. I would say there are some similarities. 
They're adorable. They're gorgeous.  

From rbsayre: Happy Birthday next week! Any plans for the hiatus? Like maybe 
a film? 

For film work, as of right now, no. Right now, I'm moving and making personal 

From packh8r: What position did you play in baseball before your injury?

I play first base. Right field.  

From vision_skater: Whaddaya think of Dawson's Creek? 

I think those kids are very attractive and talented.  

From alienx: Are you as funny as Xander? 

You tell me...of course, I am--dammit.  

From slayer_fan_1: Nick, what's your favorite line so far on the show? 

"My Uncle Rory was the stodgiest taxidermist by day, but by night it was 
booze, whores and fur flying." 

"Were there whores?" Buffy asks. And I say, "No, give it time."  

From Rick_b_Sayre: Will you be working on any big-screen projects when 
Buffy goes on hiatus? I can just see you in a Kevin Smith movie! 

I could see me in one of those, too. My only big-screen project is that 
me and my girlfriend are going to buy a 53-inch TV and make some home movies.  

From julia_slayer: What is it like to work with Sarah Michelle Gellar? I have 
never met a more professional person in my life.  

From Joe: What is the schedule for filming a Buffy episode, from when you first 
get a script to rehearsal time and filming? 

Eight-day shoots. We get the script right after we finish the one we're currently 
on. So, there's no rehearsal time. This isn't a high school play, people. This is 
the big time.  

From bigbadbabs: Hey, just wondering what color your speedo is in the upcoming 
episode "Go Fish." 

It's burgundy.  

From sunrise84: What kind of music do you listen to? 

Classical, jazz, blues, and the whole modern shit. I also like country. Horribly 
eclectic. You know, even Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond.  

From Little_Willow: If you could be one person, living or dead, for one day, who 
would you be and why? 

Napoleon...or Billy Barty--to have a shorter perspective on the world.  

From mod427: Are you in a relationship with anyone? 

Yes. Her name is Wendy.  

From Stelllaaa: If you were to be cast in Scream 3, would you want to: 
(a) get killed; (b) save the day; or (c) the ever-popular be the psychotic killer? 

I wish I had seen the first two Screams now. How about: (d) the ever-popular extra?  

From trigger7: Nick, does [Buffy creator Joss 

Whedon] allow you any input into the Xander's personal quirks? 

I've brought kind of the wacky dancing to it. Then I just deliver my lines. 
I have my own style.  

From Paula: How was the wrap party for Buffy? Do you have a funny story you can 
tell us? I LOVE YOU BUNCHES!!  

It was one of those "you had to be there" things, but Wendy and I did a little 
Spanish dance number.  

From golden_dust: Who are you close with on the set? 

My two best friends are Tony [Head] and David [Boreanaz]--Giles and Angel.    

From trigger7: Isn't it true you are the real genius of the show and Joss is 
only your puppet? 

Yeah. I'm the puppeteer--I pull the strings.   

From missbuffysummers: What do you and the cast do together when you're not 

Masturbate. You mean together? Oh, never mind. Typically, we'll just all 
hang out and drink wine. Just cook and chill. Know what I'm saying?    

From crazycatt: Have you seen Sarah's tattoo? 

Yes, I have. And it gave me a chubby. What kind of a question is that??    

From auburntigerette: Are you into the "cool" scene, or do you still hang 
with your regular friends? 

Hey, man, my regular friends were always cool.  

From willowxnb: Are you planning to go to different places to sign autographs? 

I've not been asked. But if I am asked, I would love to.    

From heather16: What made you become an actor? 

I failed at everything else in life.    

From sedevilgirl: What was your most embarrassing moment ever? 

Being born is weird. You're covered in blood. They spank you. It's a 
weird way to see your mom for the first time. It was so traumatic 
and embarrassing I have to confer with my counselor once this is done.    

From vision_skater: What's your take on the Spice Girls? 

Are they still around? I think they're spicy, and I think they're 
kind of old. I guess they're old-spicy.    

From holly5: Do you always get told that you're soooo cute? 

Yeah, actually, I've had to stop leaving the house, because that 
many affirmations per day...    

From lady_of_the_lake: Do you get very involved in any practical joking on 
the set? 

It's a weird set. Our days are so busy the set doesn't lend itself to 
practical jokes because we have to stay on schedule. But on Tony's (Giles)
 last shot on his last day, I did throw a whipped-cream pie in his face. 
And he had an audition right after.   

From missbuffysummers: If you could meet any five people living or dead, who 
would they be? 

I've met Billy Wilder. Jack Lemmon, I would want to meet. Lee Harvey Oswald 
to get to the bottom of all that. Jesus Christo. And probably Billy Barty. 

From bonbonn: It says in your bio you played a role on The Young & the Restless. 
Who did you play and when?  

It's a lie. I had nothing on my résumé before Buffy. I was an under-five guy 
(as in lines). No, I played a college guy who was a big fan of Michael Damian.    

From myrtle_fargate: Is there going to be a spinoff of Buffy. If so, who will it focus on? 

I can't answer that. But I think if you thought hard enough, you could imagine who 
it would focus on. Not that there is. But if I were a creative exec...   

From aqua518: Are the hours on Buffy hard to manage? How does it affect your life? 

Typically, it just affects my menstruation cycle. Other than that, it's fine.    

From jessiel: What was it like doing those WB dubba dance commercials? It 
looked like a lot of fun. Xander rocks! 


From hazbrown: What's your favorite film? 

Some Like It Hot--Jack Lemmon and Billy Wilder.    

From jessiel: What's your favorite baseball team? I heard you wanted to be 
a baseball player. 

Los Angeles Dodgers. (Even though they're 1-4 as we speak.)    

From willow23: What is it like working with Alyson Hannigon (Willow)? 

She's lovely. We all work very hard and very long hours. Sometimes you 
have a tiff here or there, but all in all, we're good friends.    

From hazbrown: Why do you think the show has become such a cult fave? Is it 
still technically a 'cult' fave? Or is it a 'fave' now? It's original. Something new.   

From green_crayon: Where are you from originally? 

I'm from the San Fernando Valley, a town with no roots    

From missbuffysummers: If you had to go on a date with one of the girls on Buffy, 
who would you pick? 


From eiregirl: Do you have a special arrangement with your girlfriend for 
when you have to kiss Charisma? 

No, we have a special arrangement for when I'm screwing whores--so the 
Charisma thing is a piece of cake.    

From abby7093: How has the show changed your life? 

I screw my whores.   

From shalazar: If you were to die on the show (à la Jenny Calendar), how 
would you choose to go? 

I would love to be smothered in cleavage.    

From latinghost: If you where a vampire, who would be your first victim? 

Buffy, of course.    

From willowxnb: When fans write to you, do you always respond? If so, 
or when you do, is it REALLY you? 

Well, yes, it is. And I do read everything.    

From ashleighv: What is the best thing about your girlfriend? 

I don't have enough time to fully answer that question.    

From corin_li: Marry me. 

Meet you at the Eiffel Tower in two years.    

From buffygirl_iwbots: What is your fave thing about being on the show? 

Getting paid to act.    

From elmo102: What shows do you watch on television? 

I watch Law & Order, The Simpsons and Seinfeld.    

From clover21: Who would you like to guest star? 

I would love to work with Tom Hanks, but it doesn't have to be on the show.    

From tanna9876: How did you prepare for the role of Xander? 

That's a hard question to answer, because I know him so well now. 
I learn my lines, and then I let instinct take over.  

From golden_dust: What is your absolute favorite band? 

Wow. If I could only listen to one band, it would be Louie Armstrong.   

From shalazar: It seems in the episode "Passion," as if Xander and Giles finally
 found common ground. Do you see any uniting qualities between their characters? 

Not at all.    

From bsloan9281: What is your favorite episode of Buffy?  

Probably, "The Pack" or "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered."    

From aqua518: Is it true you're in a relationship with one of the 90210 cast members? 

Stop reading TV Guide! They said I was kissing a 90210 cast member. I'd 
like to know which one, so I can fully enjoy it. 

From buffy0615: What do you look for in a friend? 

Someone with a lot of cash and a wine cellar.    

From technopagan: I've heard a lot about a "pantsing" incident involving you on 
the set. How did you feel standing in front of some of the most attractive women 
on TV with your pants down? 

I'm pretty well endowed, so I wasn't really worried. My penis covered 
my scrotum, so that was good.  

From auburntigerette: What's the one piece of advice you'll take with you forever? 

Probably from my mom: "Son, life's a bitch, and so am I. Leave the house now!"    

From angelita7: Do you have any words of inspiration for a future actress? 

Have fun, and if you go out on an audition, don't try to book it, just try 
to do a really good job.    

From vision_skater: Do you watch yourself every Tuesday night?  

When the episodes are original, yeah. I don't watch because I like to 
watch myself--I actually like the show.    

From aqua518: If you could pick one place to spend the rest of 
your life, where would it be? 

Fresno, California. 

From vision_skater : What were you like in high school?  

Very shy. I didn't talk to many people. I had a stutter and a mild case 
of acne--at least that's what the dermatologist called it.    

From stelllaaa: Besides the whore screwage, what are you most grateful for?  

I'm grateful to have a job, and I'm grateful to have met the people I've 
met because of the show.    

From monet_: What's the first thing you liked about the role of Xander 
when you read the script? 

I liked the fact that he uses his humor as a shield.    

From titanic55: If you had to pick which Buffy to date, would it 
be Sarah Michelle Gellar or Kristy Swanson? 

Sarah Michelle Gellar, of course. I think of Kristy more from The Program.    

From berry_kix: Did you and David really go to a strip club and get spotted by a fan?  

Yeah. It was a bikini club, and we went to get a beer. Some guy was getting a lap 
dance and actually pulled the girl off his lap and said, "Best show on TV," and 
then went back to it.    

From aqua518: Nick, do you believe in vampires and other dark forces? 

Dark forces? I'd have to say yes. I don't know if vampires exist, but I believe 
in dark forces.    

From trigger7: Nick, X-Files or Seinfeld? 


From angle_man: What was your first reaction when you found out Xander and 
Cordy were getting together?  

Excitement. Charisma is beautiful. I get to cheat without cheatin'.    

From d_haseltine: How do you (or whoever does it) fix your hair? 

Grease. As much grease as possible.    

From green_crayon: Who is the funniest person on the set? 

Harvey the grip.    

From williford: It seemed you enjoyed the water-hose scene in the 
episode "What's My Line, Part 2" a little too much. Did the director 
have to yell cut?  

No, that was my choice to enjoy it all.  

From quixani: Do you have any deformities you'd like to share with us? 

No, all the X and Y chromosomes lined up when I was born. I do have 
a weird fondness for Lycra. I think that's a defect though, rather than
 a deformity. I could smother myself in Lycra.    

From sexykitty: How long do you work in a typical day? 

Between 10 and 14 hours. 

From aqua518: Nicholas, boxers or briefs? 

Boxers. With hearts on them.    

From areena: What is the youngest age you would date (just out of curiosity)?  

It depends on the state I'm in and the laws of that state. 
And also, I guess, my state of mind.    

From shleb: Do you ever bring your dog to the set? 

Yes, I do. He just sleeps or watches Herbie the Love Bug on TV.    

From deeplysad: In all of cinema or TV, what role would you most like to have played? 

As a tear wells, Angel.    

From c_johnson: Have you ever or met or wanted to meet Leonardo DiCaprio??  

I like Leo. Nice guy. I met him on Growing Pains a long time ago.    

From ashleighv: What is David like? If you were a guy, would you do him?  

I am a guy, and I have done him.    

From greengirl22: I have a picture of you framed on my desk at work, and I tell
 everyone you're my out-of town fiancé. Is that okay with you?  

Depends on where you live.  

From trigger7: Any similarities between your high school life and Xander's? 

None at all. Not one. Actually, probably negative three.  

From king_midas : How about giving us the scoop on future episodes?  

I wear a speedo.    

From jennifer_hester: Do you all make suggestions as to what you would like to 
see happen on the show? 

Oh yeah, we do. Are they listened to? No. Only because Joss' ideas are better.    

From missbuffysummers: How did you get picked to be on Buffy? 

They just liked my work, and I told Joss I wanted to be his teddy bear.    

From bonbonn: If you had a million dollars in your pocket and only 24 hours 
to spend it, what would you do? 

I would probably buy 10 $100,000 candybars. 

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