Nicholas Brendon at Ultimate TV

Alexander: Who's your favorite actor/actress??? Nicholasxander: "Jack Lemmon." Alexander: Nick, is there going to be a second season, there's been some speculation that there isn't I hope so this show is great!!! Nicholasxander: "Waiting for the answer. (The announces in May for all of their shows.)" Shaith: How did you get into acting? Nicholasxander: "Broke my elbow playing college baseball." Shaith: what is your very first job? Nicholasxander: "Clearsil commercial." Kally: What are you're future plans? Are you working on anything right now? Nicholasxander: "In between projects and auditioning." Mysticknight: What's your favorite aspect of acting? Nicholasxander: "These chat lines." Mysticknight : Are you allowed to play off your character more to what you want or are you stuck going along with everything the director wants? Nicholasxander: "What I want." T-c: We've heard you started acting becase a girl broke your heart... what's the whole story? We want the gory details! Nicholasxander: "No, no. A girl broke my elbow and that's pretty gory." Mark: what did you do when you weren't filming the episodes, and what was a typical day like on the set? Nicholasxander: "I would see movies, read, and play the guitar." Nicholasxander: "Typical day on the set... lot of waiting, and a lot of bagels." Mark: how do you get along with your castmates and do you see them much when your not filming? Nicholasxander: "Got along splendidly and they're all very close friends of mine." UltimateTV2: "How did Xander evolve - was it mostly Joss, what parts of him came from you?" Nicholasxander: "Xander already kinda knows but he's just so into Buffy." Nicholasxander: "I play the character, Joss writes the lines, but I say them as I say them. It was a combined effort." Sheena: Do you like to watch yourself on tv? Nicholasxander: "I really don't mind. I can disconnect myself (most of the time.)" Davejustdave: where's your state of residence? Nicholasxander: "Hollywood Hills." Mark: what was your favorite episode and why? Nicholasxander: "The Pack (last night's episode) because I got to go away from the "Xander" character." Haz: How long would you like to continue with the show barring no major changes? Nicholasxander: "As long as they want me." Serenakell: In last night's Pack episode you were so convincingly animal-like... what did you do to prepare? Nicholasxander: "I pretended I was 15 years old again." Hedylarue: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Nicholasxander: "I would like to be doing film in some capacity." Buffyluvr: How do you feel about being the #2 (Angel's way past you, dude) sex symbol for the female watchers? Nicholasxander: "Xander's Xander and Angel's Angel, but thanks for watching." Pendragon: what is the wierdest thing that ever happened on the set Nicholasxander: "I got pantsed by Willow." Davejustdave: any crazy fans following you around yet?? Nicholasxander: "I think Buffyluvr is starting to stalk me." Buffyluvr: Do you mind doing these chats with total obsessive weirdos? Nicholasxander: "Are you calling yourself an obsessive weirdo?" Fubar: Do you get a lot of recognition while walking around in the public? Nicholasxander: "A lot of glances." Ryben: How long do you have to prepare for en episode? Nicholasxander: "You get the script about 3 days before and it's an 8 day shoot." Zombie: I love your outfits!! It's very stylen!! Is that waredrobe, or is that your own clothes?? Nicholasxander: "Thank you for enjoying it, it's wardrobe, and I'll give them to you." Phoenix: How far in advance do you tape an episode? Nicholasxander: "Depends. Next season will be different than this season." Pendragon: Are you going to do any appearances at conventions or something along those lines? Nicholasxander: "Not up to me." Fubar: What's your favorite movie from 1997? Nicholasxander: "I saw Slingblade in '97." Mysticknight: Do you think Xander and Willow will ever get together in the show? Nicholasxander: "I can't tell you right now, you'll have to keep watching." Fubar: Do you read much literature? if so, who is your favorite author? Nicholasxander: "Larry Flynt and Charles Bukowski" Alexander: I'm thinking of becoming an actor, do you have any suggestions??? Nicholasxander: "Get to L.A. and just remember, people are people." Pendragon: what is the hardest thing about filming a show like Buffy Nicholasxander: "The hours. The endless ungodly hours." Pendragon: How do you relate yourself to Xander Nicholasxander: "We both have a very low attention span." Alexander: Are you going to appear on the Tonight Show or any of the the other cast members??? Nicholasxander: "Jay called me last night and we're trying to work it out (kidding). Hopefully soon." Mysticknight: What was it like playing a possessed bad boy? Nicholasxander: "It was like eating tapioca pudding. You know when you put tapioca pudding in your mouth and it just explodes with taste? That's what it was like." Reese: people our age are woefully ignorant of old movies, so i think it's pretty damn cool that you're into them. how did you get turned on to that? (btw, if you haven't seen it already, watch 'his girl friday' with cary grant/rosalind russell) Nicholasxander: "Because I like old movies more than new movies. They were made differently back then." Sgtrock: Did you get to meet the members of the bands that were guests on the show? They aren't super-stars yet, but the music is pretty cool. It's one of the great things about the show. Nicholasxander: "I've met them all and they were all very friendly. And gave me records." Lgyrl: How would you best describe yourself? Nicholasxander: "Not quite as attractive as Angel but I have a good heart." Aug: Does anyone ever recognize you from the show? Nicholasxander: "Not really." Hedylarue: What is your favorite movie of all time? Nicholasxander: "Some Like it Hot" Nicholasxander: "I believe that people think that they're vampires. But when they start killing people and sucking blood, the law steps in." Kat: Has acting on Buffy the Vampire Slayer dramaticly changed your life? Nicholasxander: "Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh." Mikerza: Do you pride yourself on giving sarcastic remarks? Nicholasxander: "Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhhh." Phoenix: Do you think acting is hard and would you recommend it to other's who would like to act? Nicholasxander: "If you allow it to be fun, it can be very fun and easy. Have fun with it." Folderol: Have you read any scripts and reacted negatively to what it asks you to say/do? Nicholasxander: "I turned down a part because of nudity once." Sheena: What has been your favorite acting experience? Nicholasxander: "Buffy. By far." Phoenix: Do you get along well with your co-stars? Nicholasxander: "Very well. They're all really nice people." Mysticknight: Was there ever a point in your life that you almost gave up on acting completely? Nicholasxander: "Yes." Hedylarue: How does your family feel about your newfound fame? Nicholasxander: "They're very supportive." Kat: Are you used to the "celebrity life" or do you wish to be an average person again? Nicholasxander: "I can still go to a grocery store without being harassed, so I enjoy both." Mysticknight: Have you ever gone out of your way for a devoted fan? Nicholasxander: "I don't think I have that many fans yet, and they haven't asked me to do anything unusual." Maxiom: Are you surprised that the show is such a hit? Nicholasxander: "No, not at all. I think the writing is very intelligent." Zombie: What's your favourite TV show, beside's your own?? Nicholasxander: "Simpsons and Seinfeld." Malkavian: After filming did the cast hang out or did you all go your seperate ways? Nicholasxander: "We still hang out, aside from Tony (Giles) who's back in England." Nicki: Are you doing any other projects besides Buffy Nicholasxander: "Trying." Kat: Are you happy with the money you're earning from Buffy? Nicholasxander: "I'm very happy with the money I'm making from Buffy. I could be happier..." Sheena: Hey since last night's episode, how do you feel about hyenas? :) Nicholasxander: "I still find them to be very tasty and tender." Bane: Will you be getting anymore involved roles, like last night's ep? Nicholasxander: "You have to watch..." Scorpion: What's the atmosphere on the set? Is it really serious all the time? Or is it laid back and fun? Nicholasxander: "laid back and fun with just a dash of seriousness." Nicki: What were you doing before this? Nicholasxander: "I was a waiter at Kate Mantilini in Los Angeles." Pendragon: Have you gotten Alyson back for when she pantsed you? Nicholasxander: "No. How do you truly pay someone back for something like that?" Mysticknight: What do you think you'de be doing right now if you weren't acting? Nicholasxander: "Wishing that I was acting." T-c: What was your real high school experience like? And do you ever get flashbacks from working on the show? Nicholasxander: "I was very shy in high school. I didn't talk to many people." Lefty: Do you think that we're supposed to take the show as tounge-in-cheek? Nicholasxander: "If you enjoy it, that's all that matters." Buffy_fan55: How'd the pig taste? ;) Nicholasxander: "Crunchy." Brian: Is there any practical joking on the set with your co-stars?, if so, can you tell us about any of it. Nicholasxander: "Lot of shaving cream was involved." Zombie: What's the biggest perk about being a star? Nicholasxander: "Coffee. Free coffee." Bdc: How do you answer the criticisms that the show is a bad example for teenagers. Nicholasxander: "I've never once heard that before, unless you're saying that." Jmwalsh: if you had to choose which character would you prefer to date Nicholasxander: "Buffy" Mysticknight: What are your dreams and goals in life? Nicholasxander: "To entertain people for as long as I possibly can." Davejustdave: what's the worst experience you've had with meeting a fan? Nicholasxander: "Groping. Lots of groping." Davejustdave: do you consider yourself someone that keeps to himself, or an extraverted party animal? Nicholasxander: "I keep to myself." Nicki: Did you always want to be an actor? Nicholasxander: "I wanted to be a baseball player since I was a kid and fell into acting." Mysticknight: Does acting ever get in the way of your normal life style, with family and friends? Nicholasxander: "I'm just a lot more busy now, so sadly I don't see my family and friends as much." Davejustdave: ever had a run-in with the law? Nicholasxander: "We all get speeding tickets, don't we?" Reese: what's the first thing you bought with your paycheck? (don't respond if it's something lurid like a condom or something) Nicholasxander: "I bought stock in Trojan." Sheena: Have you ever done any plays or anything like that? Nicholasxander: "A couple." Davejustdave: do you ever feel like a pawn in a bigger game? Nicholasxander: "huh?" Metalmouth: You seem to always get to be possesed in the show or get hit or hurt will it change Nicholasxander: "No and I do all my own stunts, so I'm actually really hurting myself." Lefty: Have you ever seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? IF so, do you find it difficult to look at the guy who plays Giles and not see him in fishnets? Nicholasxander: "It's easy, since I see it on a weekly my trailer." Malkavian: what would you like to see in your character's future? Nicholasxander: "I would like to see Xander a bit stronger." Hedylarue: Do you read all your fan mail? Nicholasxander: "Yes." Proy: You said that you turned down a script because of nudity, What show was it? Nicholasxander: "Friday the 13th., part 8 or 9?" Buffy_fan55: How long does it take to make an episode? Nicholasxander: "8 days." Nicholasxander: "and a lot of sweat." Kally: When you heard the title of the show, did you have second thoughts? Nicholasxander: "I was surprised they were making the movie into a show and then pleasantly surprised when I read the script." Loel: Does it surprise you that the show has so many older fans? Nicholasxander: "No, because the writing is so clever." Pendragon: Is there any romance off the set between two members of the cast Nicholasxander: "No, not that anyone's told me about." Haz: During the "Never Kill a Boyfriend..." you had some lines that were done in a very Seinfeldesque manner. Did you do this on purpose? Nicholasxander: "In the house, I was doing a bit of a Kramer thing." Hedylarue: Were you intimidated by any of the other cast members when you first met them? Nicholasxander: "No. They were all so nice." Kat: How did you get "discovered?" Nicholasxander: "Barbizon School of Modelling" Nicholasxander: "(kidding)" Alexander: Do you think everything happens out of fate??? Nicholasxander: "yeah, I really do. But you don't realize it until three years later." Nicki: Is Hollywood as weird and wild as it seems Nicholasxander: "Certain parts of it are." Davejustdave: are there any stars you want to work with? Nicholasxander: "I'd love to work with Tom Hanks. And Steve Martin." Mark: did you win the part of Xander over any of your fellow friends that are actors, and how did your friends react? Nicholasxander: "Yes, I did actually." Nicholasxander: "Since I was buying the drinks, they were all very pleased." Waxtadpole: any advice for fighting shyness/introversion? Nicholasxander: "If you want to do something, do it. The last thing you want to do is be 40 and say "I wish I had done that."" Kally: Did you have a crush on a girl in HS like Xander has on Buffy? Nicholasxander: "I really didn't date that much in high, I was THAT shy. But there was a girl that I longed after, but we were good friend, I just couldn't tell her." Nicholasxander: "She was beautiful." Hedylarue: What's your idea of a perfect date? Nicholasxander: "A nice house, making a nice meal, seeing an old film and listening to Louis Armstrong." T-c: What have you been up to since you finished filming the first season? Nicholasxander: "Moving and auditioning." Nicki: Do you want to write, produce, and direct like every other actor? Nicholasxander: "I want to wait tables." Nicholasxander: "Again." Falcon: Have you ever wish to star your own movie? What would it be like? Nicholasxander: "It would be a movie about children." Nicholasxander: "Thank you very much for watching the show and I'll talk to you guys soon."

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