OnlineHost:      Welcome!!!!

NchlsBrndn:     Thanks

OnlineHost:      How does it feel to be one of the 50 most beautiful guys

NchlsBrndn:     I couldn't be more excited about it, (I'm tearing up here)
Can we move on to the next question?  LOL

Question:       Hey Nicholas!! My name is Katie and i think your a major
hottie!!  Anyway, i was wondering what it was like to have a twin. Does he ever
get mistakend for you? If he does, does he play along? Thanks alot, Luv ya.
Bye. -

NchlsBrndn:     Spunky or Katie?  Spunky Katie!  Or Katie with Spunk.  Um,
yes, he does, actually get mistaken for me a lot. There was one time when we
were driving ot Yosemite and we had driven separately and a bus load of
teenage girls had recognized him and he said, "No, it's my twin brother." And
they didn't believe him and started throwing french fries at him.

OnlineHost:      You ever send your twin onto the set?

NchlsBrndn:     Nah.  LOL  That is the most asked single birth so what's
that like? How is it sharing the womb?

Question:       Are we going to see more of Xander in a speedo this season,
or have you sworn never to wear one again? (By the way, you looked great!) -

NchlsBrndn:     You looked great!  Follow your nose it always knows. 
That's the advice I give everybody.  Speedo - No! However, it a couple weeks I'm
gonna be totally naked.  As much as you can be for the WB.  Ican't really say
for what reason.  I enjoyed it. I enjoyed why I was naked this time.

Question:       would you ever be in PLAYGIRL - ZARTWORKZ

NchlsBrndn:     No, I don't think I would because --I hope that's a woman
asking that question, first of all.  I've seen them before and if I could show
you the pose it's very un-natural.  I would like to meet a girl who likes
to play, but no, not a "Playgirl"

Question:       Hey, my name is Erin, I'm a HUGE fan of Buffy the Vampire
Slayer! What was your favorite episode, and least favorite episode? I'm sure
you like them all, as we do, but if you had to pick out those two...what would
they be?
- Harmony830

NchlsBrndn:     I wish you could tell me which ones are your favorites. 
Mine was an episode called "The Pack" where I was a hyena.  My least favorite
would be the mummy girl episode.  That just didn't seem to work as well as I
wanted it to.  Although I really enjoyed the Twinkie scene.  I had to vomit

Question:       What's with those shades? - EvilMan

NchlsBrndn:     They're not really shades, EvilMan, they're actually called
glasses so I could read that.  But I'm real glad you noticed, man!

OnlineHost:      He is wearing shades in the studio!!!!

Question:       so what is seth green like? - QueenOz86

NchlsBrndn:     I can't really tell, is QueenOz a fan? Seth Green is, if I
were concentrate, add water and I'd grow--that's Seth Green! We're hand in
hand pretty much. He's a great guy.  One of the nicest people.  He's an
amazing person with an amazing heart and an amazing sense of humor.  We're both
comedy based so one person has to step up and one step down, but we never have
a problem being in the same room. He's tops in MY book!

Question:       Nick, if you could be any kind of cheese, what kind would you
be? Why? - Godeater

NchlsBrndn:     I would probably be--I almost said something bad--and I
can't.  I was going to go with a venereal disease. Hmm. God, probably a Muenster!
I like Muenster. It's pungent.  I like pungent cheeses.

Question:       Hi My name is kaci and I love your character xander he
reminds of my best Friend Nick. I was wondering will Xander hook up again? And What
will happen w/Willow and Oz? - Willow820

NchlsBrndn:     Interesting.  Willow and Oz actually are moving to Germany
together to open up a brew house. The other question is basically, pick
an answer 'cause I forgot what it was. Just pick an answer and go with it.

Question:       I heard that there is going to be a spin off with david
boreanaz called ANGEL. what do you think it will do to the dynamic - BoobShot

NchlsBrndn:     Well, you know in a sense, 'cause Chris was also going, who
I loved very much. So in a sense, we're losing four boobs. Or four Bobs. 
We're gonna do some crossing over.  I don't know if they are as much as we
are. It's going to be a different show because we graduate. I think it's
going to be a different dynamic, a different show.  because there's only so much
you can do with the Angel and Buffy thing.  And I think it's a good way to
make some more money!  LOL  The concept is great too, which I can't talk
about, but I think everybody will be happy with it.

Question:       Where did you grow up? - helo

NchlsBrndn:     I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, actually.  I'm from
L.A. proper.  I love the Dodgers.  I almost bought the Dodgers last year,
but was like a million short and Rupert came in and got 'em.

Question:       I love you!!! - PuppyBark
Question:       What was your first real valentines day like? Dont make fun,
i want advice. - LuvieGirl

NchlsBrndn:     Well, my first one I was young and you do the passing of
the cards, for all the classmates, but for the girl I liked I'd do
something extra in the corner. I was 18 years old and wasn't dating anybody,
tragically, and I sold flowers on the corner and I made $110 and I went home and my mom
and dad had just gotten divorced so I took my mom out and blew the whole amount
on her.

Question:       Hey Nicholas!!! Buffy ROCKS!!! I just want to know,If you
know what is going to happen further in the season?And how long did it take u to
find out that you got the part - TEBfan2308

NchlsBrndn:     Yes, I knew it was going to happen. And it took me a matter
of five days. Four auditions and five days. It was quick.  I had come in
towards the end and I think they were just horribly desperate.  Booking the
part made me beautiful.  I wasn't beautiful before Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I
had gone to the first audition, just a normal, you know, meet the casting
director.  I went into meet the producers and they liked what I had done and then I
got a call from my agent and they said I was testing.  And so I went to Fox
the previous day. That's where they eliminate four or so people.  I wasn't
eliminated. I found out that the next week I was going to the WB.  I
went there Monday at 4:00 and had a really good audition, as you can tell. 
And there were two of us there just looking at each other with not much to
say.  And the next day I got a page saying I got the part.  She was crying, I
was crying.  I got chills.  I had to quit my job at a restaurant. Which was
a mistake because I wasn't going to be paid for a while. So I just did
any odd job that I could do.  I was looking for pennies.

Question:       We've been brainstorming ideas for poor Xander in the dating
game, now that he's lost Cordy and all.  What do you think about Amy, the
resident witch, as a possiblity? - AmySM

NchlsBrndn:     She frightens me!  She's a WITCH! Normally when you're
dating somebody and you get in a fight you say, "You're a witch!"  She's
REALLY  a witch. She's going over to Angel, but she wasn't happy with me. Xander
wants some action, he wants some play. Charisma is very much, Meisner, is
that it?  She actually impaled herself the night before shooting that.

Question:       Hey, I am a huge fan. I want to know: What was your all time
favorite Xander quote? I personally like, IM 17 LOOKING AT LINOLEUMO
makes me wanna have s#x.  harmony830

NchlsBrndn:     Well, for me, it's actually Spanish tiles. My
favorite--I've had so many--I had this quote about my uncle Rory.

Question:       I love the music on Buffy!Is there going to be a soundtrack?

NchlsBrndn:     Yes, there is.  I actually sing on it. They're just picking
the songs right now for it. Once I find out when it's comign out I'll call
you and you'll let everyone know?

Question:       Is it hard being a Vampire? i suppose it would be if you were
a method actor.;) - Jrlfg19

NchlsBrndn:     Well, I mean, I'm not a vampire, so is it hard portraying a
vampire?  Oh, it was fun.  I am a method actor, I didn't suck human
blood, I actually went out to Bakersfield and sucked a few cows dry.

Question:       do you like the clothers that they make xander wear? does it
reflect your own stly? (matt whats with the facial hair???) - Ember

NchlsBrndn:     Okay, see that's where I'm saying this is weird.  No, I'm
not a big fan of the clothes.  I'm the nerd on the show and they have to put
me in big plaid orange pants with mushrooms and butterflies. What IS with the
facial hair?

Question:       What is Sarah Michelle Gellar like in real life? I want dirt

NchlsBrndn:     Well, then go get some and take a shower afterwards.  Um,
she's great.  I don't understand why anyone would think that I would give
dirt on Sarah. I describe it as the real world for five years and not eight
weeks.  We're like brother and sister.  We all live for each other and would
probably die for each other.  If someone gets Sarah, they get socked by me. WE
usually work 26 hours a day. We're breaking every SAG law that you could break-
NO! About 12 hour days

Question:       Do you have a email adress so we can write to you, or just
the Buffy The Vampire Slayer address? - GRNGRP15

NchlsBrndn:     Yeah, Buffy.  Like I said, I don't have a computer.  I
would like to get one, but I think they would fight me. I don't have a  computer. 
I've been online a few times with Joc and Seth, but I haven't read much.
I'll get a computer some day, I swear!

Question:       if you could do anything besides act what would you do? -

NchlsBrndn:     Horticulture.  I tried doing pre-med for a while. Patch
Adams was based on my story.  I would hang in trees and scare people I would wear
the bottle on my nose. I would say the hospital will pay all your bills and
wear the pinocchio nose.

OnlineHost:      We would like to give you a YM shirt If you could

NchlsBrndn:     Well, actually if you could just cut the sleeves off it'll
be a great tank top. Do you want it all sporadic like this?

OnlineHost:      Charlie O'Connell is coming up
OnlineHost:      Momentarily
OnlineHost:      Momentarily

NchlsBrndn:     Whooo!
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